Hey Metroid here. I never had a encounter with the dreaded Tails Doll until a few days back. I was sitting at my desk on my laptop, eating some pork chops and drinking a Dr. Pepper, while playing Sonic R. I have it for the Gamecube, but I wanted to do the PC version. Anyways, I finished the game and did "Tag 4 characters."

I was aware of the curse, but I wanted to see if it was true. I ended up tagging the first 3 robots within a minute. It took me a good while, trying to get Super Sonic. As I tagged him, the game went to the victory screen.

"Heh, it was fake all along," I said with a sigh of relief. But I didn't notice the time it took, which was exactly 5:39:666.

So I exited the game and went on X-fire. As I was talking. I got a new Friend invite, by someone named lloD liaT. I accepted it, unaware of the Evil within.

It started to say "Can you feel the sunshine" over and over again.

"What the Hell," I said out loud. Then I restarted my computer. I took a sip of my soda to calm me down, but it didn't taste right. I spit it out, and it turned to blood. In horror I turned the can over (Dr.Pepper cans have Indy 4 stuff on the back) and I saw Indy's face morph into my girlfriend's.

"Oh god, please not her anyone but her...." I sobbed. Then, it happened that night as I was trying to sleep. The Tails Doll was hovering over me, staring.


"You thought I was fake, huh? Well, I took someone you love. You're lucky. I shall spare you, and only haunt you." Then he dove inside me. It felt like he was trying to rip out my guts. I screamed and passed out.

The next morning On my wall written in blood were the words: "I'M WATCHING YOU ALWAYS. YOUR TIME WILL COME."

I soon realized this was my girlfriend's blood.

Please don't try the curse. Please.

And yes, I can feel the sunshine.

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