I was always a Sonic the Hedgehog fan, so when I bought Sonic Gem Collection I thought it was just another game. I mean, I had never heard of Sonic R so I thought it would it would be cool.

But then I heard about the Tails Doll curse. I was very skeptical at first and I didn’t want to believe it. However, I had not unlocked the Tails Doll character yet. When I finally did, I was so happy I even did a victory dance.

That was before the incident.

The next morning when I woke up, everything in my house was trashed. Then when I walked into the living room, my friend who usually walks with me to school was lying on the ground unconscious with the word "Tails" cut in one arm and the word "Doll" cut into the other. Not only that, but the doll was sitting on top of her with a bloody knife lying in its lap.

That same day I smashed the game into pieces hoping the doll would haunt me no more.

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