Hey, my name is Tempe from England, just a bit north of London...I'm not using my real name because I don't want my friends to take the mick out of me and I don't want people to beat the crud out of me either.

My mum gave me Sonic Gems Collection about a year ago, shortly after I got the Mega Collection. My first thought was to play Sonic the Fighters, which I did, but recently I took to having a go on Sonic R. At first I was awful but have gotten better, though I only have an 100% game because a pre-owned memory card that came with it.

Here's where things got freaky. I had some friends over for a sleepover, on a Wednesday since it was half term. We just played random games, including Sonic R, and drew stuff etc... --- did the normal random stuff we usually do. During a tag match, one of them used Super Sonic ( we all laughed and called him a n00b for using the best charrie), another with the Tails Doll, myself as Tails and my last mate was Amy ( we also laughed at her for picking the WORST charrie in the game). You can probably guess the results, but we were tagged in this order: Amy, Tails, Super Sonic, by the Tails Doll. The reward for winning the match was a picture of the winning character, so I drew the Tails Doll (none of my friends are interested/great in drawing Sonic characters), but he ended up leaving it behind anyway.

The next day, I noticed that my Sonic Plushie (a retro version) had vanished from my room, as had the two t-shirts I owned with him on them (I later discovered that they had somehow been placed in the loft, when no-one had gone there). That was pretty weird but I didn't worry much as I often lose things unexplainably, plus my Tails Plushie (a Sonic X edition) was perfectly fine and on my bed as always. The next night I had a freaky dream, where all I saw was a pair of blank, unreadable eyes. I woke up really freaked and frightened by the experience and grabbed my Tails Plushie to help clam me down and soothe me to sleep.

It turned out to be a bad idea. Just as I was settling, I felt the toy begin to change within my fingertips. It became larger, and taller - it WAS under 30cm tall, but grew to be about 3-4ft. The fabric became eeriely soft and kinda fur like, while the three pieces of fringe were replaced with a glowing ruby. I just froze up, and luckily the toy wasn't facing me so I didn't see it's eyes. I tried to detach myself but my arms couldn't dislodge themselves from around the Tails Doll, and I couldn't speak - it was like my vocal cords had been shut off.

I must've blacked out, because when I came to it was morning, and sunshine was beaming into my room. I backed away at first but then realised that my toy was back to normal - there wasn't any marks or features that suggested a nocturnal change. I would've called it a nightmare, but then I found that the Doll had left me a gift - "Can You Feel The Sunshine" was on my MP3 player, when I never had the track before, on CD or computer. I also found the picture I had drawn, only now a childish character had been drawn next to it. I think he returned the favor and drew me...

The scariest part is that he sometimes visits, either taking the place of my Tails Plushie (sometimes facing me and sometimes facing away) or appearing in my dreams. I can never speak when he's there and he never says a word, blinks or even closes his eyes. He just glows that jewel of his until I fall asleep and then he's gone in the morning. I have sometimes felt something sticky on his fur/plush, and I think it might be blood. I'm lucky - I never completed the game myself, which I think is stopping him from doing any actual harm to me...

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