I have lived to tell this story -- this encounter that I had with the Tails Doll. I never believed all those stories about the curse, but now I do. Here's the story.......

One day, I was rummaging through my Gamecube game box, looking for a good game to play, when I found my old Sonic Gems Collection. Grinning, I said 'Hey, why don't I see if that Tails Doll curse is real! I mean, everyone on that quackerandbowen site makes stories up! That don't fool me!'

I put the game into my Gamecube and selected Sonic R. My game was 100% complete. I went on tag mode and played as the Tails Doll on Resort Island. I got Metal Knuckles, who slipped into the water. I got Metal Sonic soon after, because he crashed into a ring gate that wasn't open - what a dork! I got Egg Robo because of how slow he was. Super Sonic took AGES to catch! When I ran past him, he turned around to go the other way. While he did that, I caught him. I knew then that the curse didn't exist. How wrong I was.

I blinked, and then I saw my TV go blank. All I could see on it was the Tails Doll. Its eyes started to glow red. It was staring straight at me. The power went off, and my Gamecube stayed on, as did my TV. I ran downstairs screaming to find the room was empty. My family was gone, and there was blood all over the walls -- some saying 'TAILS DOLL'.

I ran upstairs and then I saw IT. The Tails Doll. It held a big knife with lots of blood on it in it's paw. It raised it, and just before it hit me, I passed out.

I woke up the next morning, got out of bed and felt fine. I told my mom about the situation and she just said 'Oh, you must have had a silly dream, but nevermind that. What is this stupid doll of Tails doing here? Is it yours? It's stained with blood! Is it yours, Jake?'

I said 'What about my dream? That must have something to do with it!' Mom said 'Oh, don't be silly."' And with that, my mom burned it and threw it in the trash. When she went, the doll's eyes glowed a bright fading red color..It murmured 'CAN YOU FEEL THE SUNSHINE..' before it burnt to pieces.

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