The prequel to this story is Freed

I woke with a start and sat up to look around. I was in a cage with seven elevators and an orange doll in the corner, staring at me. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" I yelled to nobody in particular. I was in the Tails Doll's possession, but how? I escaped when Sonic helped me, so why was I still in this cell?

You probably know who I am by now -- you know, DarthKain?

The Tails Doll just stared at me, mocking my confusion and despair. "You want to know why you're still here, I presume?" he asked, clearly amused. "When you grabbed my gem, I put you into a vision to show you that you are helpless here. However, I seemed to have looked past your will to survive. I will take care to not make this mistake again in the future." And then he left.

All I could do was stare at nothing. I felt like I was free of this torture, of watching his slaves, who do everything for him, being burned alive every day. Free of watching him torture those who weren't loyal, breaking every bone in their body. TD believers, do NOT, by any means, falter in your resistance! Please, for the love of God, kill this abomination of all life if you get the chance. Find a weakness and kill it. Remember, pulling the gem out doesn't work, and I'm speaking from experience on this one. I think I even have a way to kill it! All you really have ...

Amazing. I give this fool his physical embodiment, let him keep his possessions, and I do not kill his friends or family, and he still attempts to reveal the one way to kill me. I will have to punish him severely for his actions. Can you feel the sunshine?

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