Many people have seen the Tails Doll, and many people have died from him, but I resent those statements because I saw the curse and I know how it begins. I have Sonic R. I've unlocked the Tails Doll, and I have all the music on a CD. I have a little plush Tails Doll hanging from my ceiling as a reminder of what happened, and the jewel is locked up in my safe as well.

About a month ago, I found a copy of Sonic R, remembered the curse, and thought “hey, why not? I've always been known as the ‘devil’s advocate,’” so I bought It -- for free. They guy didn't want it. I went home, put in my computer and beat it up ‘till the last race. I thought, “hey, that’s good enough. Now I can relax.” Little did I know that my little brother would soon be getting a house-call.

He was home alone, and was happy that all was nice. I was off at a friend’s house, playing Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, when I thought I suddenly had a feeling of oncoming doom. I raced home, only to find my brother on my computer, about to beat the last race. I ran in, punched my tower off my desk and watch as my CPU fried itself. I looked at the monitor and saw it frozen on the screen reading "YOU WIN! YOU UNLOCKED THE TAILS DOLL“.

I swore as my monitor flashed and the Tails Doll came out. I sat there between my brother and the Tails Doll, thinking "Damnit, you had to leave the game running." Me being me, my first reaction was to grab the nearest weapon which in my case is my weapon safe (I like sharp and pointy and dangerous things. I unlocked it, watching the Tails Doll all the time, but he just stood there, staring at my brother. I unlocked it, opened it and every weapon fell around me. Only then did the Tails Doll look away from Alex.

He grabbed my knife and started slashing at my brother. Lucky as we are, my brother managed to dodge a few jabs, but got the tip of his middle finger cut off! By tip, I mean all the way to a millimeter to the third knuckle. I grabbed my gun and shot the Tails Doll, ripping off his hand - I'm a good shot - and he looked at me. I thought there was no way to win. We where going to die.

My hand brushed against my chain saw, and hope returned -- but only for two seconds because the tails doll was coming towards me. I started the chain saw and cut him in half. Then I cut his head off his upper body. I remembered that some say you can take the jewel away to kill it, so I cut off the jewel and sat waiting wide eyed.

I waited until my parents got home and we went to the doctor to make sure Alex's finger wasn't infected. It wasn't, so we went home and I hung the three parts of the tails doll to my ceiling and hid the jewel in my weapons safe. Lastly, I threw the disk as far as I could, hopping to never see it again.

A couple weeks later, I found myself humming an odd tune. I don't remember where I got it from. The only lyric that I can remember is "Can you feel the sunshine?"

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