I found your website and thought to myself "Pfft! Whoever believes this crap is retarded! I'm going to try it." Then my dad came into my room and told me to turn off my computer because it was time for school. So when I got back the first thing I did was go to my Gamecube and play Sonic Gems -- yeah I know “Gems has the Miyamoto seal,” but I read the story that said how to break it so I did -- I unlocked all the characters after 3 hours and then did Tag as tails doll. I tagged Super Sonic and at the end, it showed The Tails Doll doing a victory dance. Words appeared that said: "CONGRATULATIONS!" “HA! I knew it wasn't real,” I said to myself. Boy was I wrong.

The next day, I went to the jewelers to buy my girlfriend, Alyssa, a college ring (a ring that swears you'll share a dorm or something) and I found a beautiful gold ring with a bright red diamond in it. I bought it, though it cost almost everything I had. I went home and put the ring in a box.

The next day was a Saturday, therefore I could see my girlfriend. I grabbed the ring and looked at it. The diamond looked as if it were...pushing itself out. It made a sound like "Schluuuuumpy." The diamond eventually got out and was sitting atop a wire I took a look at what the wire was connected to and saw orange cloth. Curious, I pulled it out but it wasn't just cloth - it was a doll whose eyes were large and vacant. I immediately recognized it – The Tails Doll. I dropped the empty ring but the doll didn't fall. Instead, it stayed afloat in the air.

"Do not run," said a voice in my head. I responded with, "Why not? I know who you are, I know what you do!" "You at first had no fear. You are one who believes what he wants, you are one to not be tricked easily, you are..." The words hung in the air.


I was shocked by this news but somehow felt it was true. I walked towards the doll. I touched it. "You are all that is good, all that is evil. You are immortal." Just then it all made sense. I'm an orphan, I succeed as long as I try and I have never once gotten cut or a broken bone. I told Tails doll to cut me and he did. Fluff came out. I knew in my heart that he was my father. I hugged him and he hugged me back. I then asked him why he kills.

"There are people who live on the innocence of life. They never take chances. Life is worth living and if they don't do some living then there is no purpose for their life." I nodded in agreement. "I now understand. But why did you come?" I asked. "I had to stop you from getting to comfortable with Alyssa, as she is one of the people with no purpose for life." "NO! Her purpose is to make me happy you can't do this," I strictly told him. "I will do it as painless as possible" he said as he floated out of the room.

Filled with rage I picked up the empty ring and threw it at him. He turned around. "I don't care if you're my father. It doesn't really matter, because you were never there for me," I exclaimed. His eyes appeared to shrivel up, his nose began to twitch and his stitches grew tighter. "Did you ever think maybe these people don't really need a purpose? We all live, we all die and we live in fear of death and..." I was unable to finish when he suddenly came fly towards me. I grabbed the jewel and ripped the wire out of TD's head. His cloth began to sink to the floor as his stuffing poured out.

I knew he was up to something as his fur began to re-form. I grabbed my Sonic Plush and he then vanished into thin air screaming "I will never stop. I am all that is Evil. Death will come to all!" The diamond then appeared back in the ring. I then ran to Alyssa's house and told her the story. She didn't believe me, but at least she's alive and still loves me.

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