He's coming to kill me, I just know it. When I walked in to my bathroom, I saw this thing in my toilet -- it was some sort of gem thing that was there and gone in a couple of minutes. Then, it suddenly went back down covered in hair. ( I know it's gross, but it true!) And now, like every hour, I swear, I keep hearing a girl scream, and I say it sounds familiar. Like someone from school......! No, not her.... Somebody help me, I think its coming, srcuiwiul vyipvy2[ by gqr' , O god the pain! What was.... HOLY F***, BLOOD IS ALL OVER ME LIKE I......O CRAP!

Pathetic mortals, I no longer needs people to perform the curse, just being in the same room with those souls is enough. Long live the Tai wait! Get of me! I'm not oNe yeT ! DIE!!!!, nsi9u2, Why won't YOU DIE!? Cause i still have a reason to li,.,.,klnio,

Whoa. Close call. Barely survived, But still fighting! You guys keep fighting, too! Live!’s cold and it’s 89 inside and out. .......damn. Why is he going after me and not my friend?..... Why am I special? Why, he already has found the eight purest souls? What the hell does he need me for......... it’s r-really hot now... getting blurry.... dizzy. red......hpmt. why, why me.......? What do you need me for.... why haven't you killed me yet....

You have a certain quality that you shouldn't have.


Something that they don't possess.

No one can survive it, but me... not even you!


Why? You don't want your lackeys to know that there's' something the great Tails Doll can't do....?

NO, this power is unspoken! Now I have to kill this site’s owner! You have become a pain... but I have not the power to be-rid of you yet... for now so-called “Quacker Duk:” BEWARE, I'M COMING FOR YOU!

Try and die.......

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