This story serves as a sequel to Newest Mission, and it would also be beneficial to read the other connected stories in the , namely those by Spooky Sam, Zeph, Chris, and Celebaby.

Hello again, It's me Zeph. The Tails Doll sent me out on another heartless mission. Here's how it went.

Monday, the Tails Doll called me its hideout. It told me I was to kill my best friend Justin. I told the Tails Doll I couldn't do such an awful thing. But its response was not a positive one. The doll looked over at another one of it servants, the red jewel started to glow, and in a split second the doll devoured it own servant's soul. It said "THAT is EXACTLY what I will do to you if you do not do as I command you to do. Understand?" I was quivering in fear, so I went out of its hideout and went out in search for my friend.

I went out to do this heartless deed, so I took my time doing it.

When I went to his house he was very happy to see me. I was surprised to see this. Little did he know I was about to kill him. I was very very sad to see him be so nice to me. So I decided to hang out at his house before killing him.

He said that he still had that Sonic R game and wondered if I wanted to go play it on the old Saturn in the attic. I didn't want to arouse suspicion so I did.

As we played I chose to race as the Tails Doll. NOT a good choice. As I played the game I thought I would go insane. Every move the Tails Doll made seemed like it was telling me to kill Justin. I couldn't just yet. So I changed the subject and asked if he wanted to go out to the baseball field and go practice. He agreed so we packed all our mitts & bats.

I saw a few other of my friends and we all decided to play a game or two. Both teams had a draw so we kept it at that.

It was getting late about 9:30. I decided I should get it over with. Justin always took a shortcut to get home, and how lucky it was that his shortcut was through an ally.

When he got there I made his death quick and painless.

All of the sudden the Tails Doll appeared out of the darkness. It said "It's a shame...I thought you would disobey my command so I could eat BOTH your pathetic souls" And so he ate Justin's soul in the blink of an eye. "You're dismissed," said the Tails Doll.

I disappeared in the shadows with guilt, and went back to HQ.

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