PinkYoshi5 again. I thought I'd give you an update. Things have gone from bad to worse. Dad is still babbling nonsense and it seems that the Doll is going after me in earnest.

I still have horrible nightmares. This time, some of them show my loved ones being violently killed. The killer is either the Tails Doll or myself. I'm also now waking up with fresh bruises. And it's not the mattress that's causing it -- it's one of those special mattresses that don't have springs and don't get all lumpy. I think the TD is beating me in my sleep for not submitting.

You see, one night as I was brushing my teeth, I actually saw him!!! He was standing - or rather floating - in the blackness of the hallway. But when I turned my head, he was gone. The next day I had the sudden urge to create fan works with him in it. I feel he wants me to make him appear innocent and harmless in the pictures and stories. Worst of all, he wants me to make a Tails Doll plushie. And as always, he urges me to play Sonic R and play as him.

I refused the urges and that's when the punishment started. I'm bruised and the song "Can you feel the Sunshine?" keeps going through my head. And I haven't listened to that song in weeks! I have a theory as to why he wants me to make those fan works and plushie. I think he wants as many routes into our world as possible, and if there are enough images and other stuff of himself here, than he won't need people to play the game.

I hope I don't get punished for this.

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