This story is a sequel to Fangirl

Aru here again, since my first story, things have changed.

My friend Rebecca was sick and not kidnapped by Tails Doll, thank god. But she still receives phone calls with nothing but eerie breathing. Since then, my friends find it funny to call me and say “Can You Feel the Sunshine?” with a low voice. I don’t find it funny; Tails Doll is serious to me.

I never took my Tails plushie out of the closet, out of fear. I always kept that door close, except for once when I was cleaning it out for a bin to use.

I tried everything to see Tails Doll, doing everything except the bathroom curse. You know -- go in the bathroom, lights off, door lock, and play “Livin’ in the City” out loud. I never want to try it. I’m terrified of the dark. Perhaps when my friends and I have a big sleep over again, I can do it with them? Some of them aren’t afraid to stare that doll in the face. Perhaps they aren't afraid of the doll devouring their souls?

What’s worse, I played Tag 4 Characters with Tails Doll while listening to Can You Feel the Sunshine backwards. I guess I love taking chances.

I recently bought Sonic Gems Collection on eBay. Why? It had some games I wanted to try, like Sonic the Fighters, Tails’ Adventure, and Tails’ Skypartol. I knew Sonic R was on it. I knew very well it was on that game. I heard that the game had a seal for Tails doll, but I tried everything on that game. Nothing happened. What a bummer, eh?

Whenever I bring up Tails Doll at school, my friends always ask the weirdest questions, like “Why does Tails Doll eat livers?” I’m not sure myself, but I’d like to know why. Why our liver? Seriously, it’s kinda silly. But I’m not getting to the point, am I?

It was a couple days ago, when I'd finally beaten Sonic R on Sonic Gems. I was excited -- I read that Tails Doll won’t come if you unlocked Metal Sonic and he was in the same race, since he was afraid to pass him. But why would the almighty Tails Doll be afraid of a machine that is based after Sonic? He feeds off of Super Sonic, anyways. That night I saw him in my dream, just for a split second, but enough to recognize him. I woke up, with my cat sleeping soundly next to my bed. I hoped that doll would never come into my sleep again.

I was wrong. Terribly wrong.

It was just last night when he came back -- this time chasing me throughout my house saying things, such as "Buuut Aru! Your soul smells delicious!" and "I thoought you'd do annything for me...". I wonder why he called me Aru, which is my online name and not my real name. My mind knew Tails Doll can kill you just like how Freddy does. He can twist your dreams into nightmares.

My mind knew I adored Tails Doll. He is so cute and fluffy! But it also knew that he was pure evil on the inside, and had a craving for my soul. So what did I say to that doll?

“But Master! I love you”

I think that doll did take my soul without me realizing it. I obey everything he tells me in my sleep. Even worse, I tell people I despise that I hope my master kills them. My friends and I love saying “Can You Feel the Sunshine?” just to creep others out. My friends say that the Tails Doll might’ve possessed me once or twice, but I can’t recall clearly.

Even creepier, after I woke up from last night’s dream. The closet door was open, and next to me lying in my cat’s bed was none other than my Tails plushie.

Freaky, don’t you agree? I think that plushie has a mind of its own. When the Tails Doll made that note saying he was watching me, I think he meant it…I’m an easy target for that doll…I know he’s out there.

Sometimes I see a red light, far away in my back yard, and I swear its getting closer to me every night.

I fear for my friends and my own safety. How can I make it see that I care about it? I've been loyal to him for so long. He thinks he can overpower me? Turn me into a mindless slave to do his dirty business for him?

Perhaps he hasn’t come yet, since I play Sonic Underground music every night. It comforts me, but soon he’ll get past that.

But wait, Tails Doll, just you wait. I’ll show you who the real top dog on this planet is.

I can feel the sunshine, Tails Doll. Can you?

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