The Tails Doll Curse... wow... I can tell you, that curses were something I've always believed in. Let sleeping dogs lie or in this case, let what you don't know stay unknown. Me? I'm Kron. Kron the Chronicler off of your forums. This is a story about me and my friend, Circe, who dabbled a bit too far into the unknown.

I've always was a good kid. I mean, I kept my grades up and never got into BIG trouble -- you know the kind. I never tended to stir up trouble, and I only fought when someone else started it... or I knew I was right. So when my best friend Circe started to get into the Goth/emo crowd, I was okay with it. Mostly, they're nice people, they just have issues. But when Circe started to get into the Satanic stuff, I knew something was wrong. Circe wasn't that kind of person. Sure, she had a bad childhood, but I never knew her to be like that.

One day I went over to her house. We sat down, and did our homework. Then she asked me, "Ever heard of the Tails Doll?" Actually, I had heard of the Tails Doll. I am a big fan of all things Sonic, and especially Tails so, why wouldn't I?

"Of Course! How dare you ask me such a stupid question!" I said partially sarcastic. "How much do you know?" "Well... He's a character on Sonic R and he's basically the robot clone of Tails." "Well, thats what Sega wants you to think." "Huh?" "There's more!" Circe said sitting on her bed and pulling out a book. She handed it to me and I read it. It was all from your website. "Is... Is this real?" I asked.. it all seemed a bit much for me... "Yeah!" "Have you seen him?" Circe became quiet and an evil grin came over her face. She looked up at me and said, "That's what I need you for." "No, Circe. I told you I'm not taking place in any Voodoo witchcraft that might backfire." "It won't backfire," She sounded angry, "I promise." "I'm sorry Circe, I told you NO," I turned to leave and she grabbed my arm. I turned around and looked at her. Her face was full of anger but quickly softened, "Come on Kron. I promise, if anything bad happens, I'll take blame for all of it." "Fine," I said. "Just, fine."

So we played Sonic R and tagged four characters. Circe played as the Tails Doll and I played as Super Sonic. She quickly tagged all the robotic characters until it was just her and me. I eluded her, we laughed, and for a while, it seemed normal. But I slipped up on a corner and she got me. I almost forgot the importance of our game so I laughed when I lost saying, "When it's slow and bad turning against the fast and bad turning, I guess it's the slower one that has the advantage!"

She laughed to, until the TV turned black and the Wii froze.

"What's happening?" I asked, looking around, scared. Circe's head tilted back and her jaws split open. I gasped and out of her mouth came the Tails Doll. I can't really remember quite well after that. If I screamed, I don't remember. I do remember backing up in a corner and the Tails Doll speaking to me in his hideous voice. He said to me, "You are lucky. The friendship this girl had for you will save you... For now."

The next thing I remember is sitting in the hospital with doctors all around me. My parents were outside the room, talking to an official. The TV was on and it was turned to the news channel. On it was Circe's house and I could see police cars all around it. The newscaster said "this was the scene earlier today. A murder was in the small town of Westminster as a girl and her parents were found dead in their home, along with the horror stricken friend of the girl. The neighbor called the police after hearing her scream." I saw a clip of the medics wheeling three black bags out of her house followed closely by me. My face was white and my eyes black. I couldn't think. I couldn't breath. I got up out of my hospital bed and walked out the door and to my parents. They looked at me and they tried to put me back in the bed, but I ran.

I've been running ever since. I've been too scared to stop. To afraid of the Doll that killed my friend and haunts my dreams will do the same to me that he did to her.

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