I'm referred to as Pinkyoshi5 around a gaming site dedicated to Yoshi. There's where I found out about this site. I love the stories but they scare me at the same time. But it's better to read them and know then to be ignorant of my danger.

I own a copy of Sonic Gems. I've beaten Sonic R at 100% not once but twice, and I've tagged Super Sonic many times. The Tails Doll hasn't shown himself yet, but I know it's only a matter of time. So far he seems to be toying with me. I think I can sense his presence, but I haven't actually seen him yet. At least not in the waking world.

That one person seems to be right. TD has somehow gained the ability to go into dreams and turn them into nightmares. I'd rather not talk about my dreams, you can guess what they're like anyway; filled with blood and anguished screams of uncounted victims, all in a dark ungodly setting.

Currently the doll seems to be trying to make my life a living hell. He seems to be targeting my family. My Dad has gone insane. He keeps babbling about things that make no least not to my Mom. Some of what he says seems to reference HIM, Tails Doll. I know it's only a matter of time before he goes after Mom, then me.

Isn't there anyway to stop him????

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