I have a tale of horror for you to add to your site... And it truly happened. I just keep telling myself that it was in my head, but still...

Once, I made a character addition to a fan game called Sonic Robo Blast 2. The character? Tails Doll. The night I completed him, I heard strange sounds while in bed. Scraping. Scratching. Metallic screeching. I was scared out of my mind, thinking I freed Tails Doll. I then starting praying. The noises stopped.

I have no clue if praying saved me, or if he decided to spare me for helping to free him. But, whatever it was, I was lucky. And yet, I still have the odd urge to make a real life tails doll...

I wonder if, upon completion, Master Tails Doll will be pleased?

This story continues in Q&B135: AKA Icalasari by Shadowater

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