I never heeded curses. I always thought they were BS. I always was confident.

I am not anymore.

I just go the Sonic Gems for my GC and was excited to play some older fav games. I invited my friend Kris over for a sleepover and we played for hours on end. He got bored and got on my computer to play Maple Story. I decided to try Sonic R even though I knew the rumors. I was careless. I did the curse.


My friend Kris did it.

The power in my room went out. When we turned the game on again, the Tails Doll was gone. We decided to go to the park 'cuz we were freaked. We went there and found a carving. It said 'The Tails Doll is here.'

We both ran home just to find my parents killed and the Tails Doll there. We both dodged its first lunge -- then I grabbed its tails and smacked it against the wall. It pulled out a knife and threw it at Kris. He died and the doll disappeared. I was left alone. The floor stained with blood, I couldn't bring myself to look anymore. I ran out to find myself in a pool of light, and then fainted. I woke up in a palace. I found that it is the tails doll's castle. I got out, but almost lost my sanity in the process.

He is real. You are next.

Can you feel the sunshine?

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