One Sunday I was playing my Gems collection with Sonic R on it. I decided to try out this curse, but instead of getting Tails Doll to tag Super Sonic, I tried to see what happened if I had Super Sonic tag Tails Doll.

I had Tails doll tagged first. Then Metal Sonic, then Tails, then Knuckles. I finished in a minute and a half, and I decided to turn my Wii off. After looking at your site a few minutes, my uncle wanted to play a shooting game with me. I turned on my Wii, and it went to the title screen. I pressed A.


I took the other controller and pressed A.


I checked the batteries for the remotes. They were full. Apparently the Tails Doll was mad that I didn't save my file. (My mistake. Oops!)

That night, I made a Tails Doll defense kit. Made with my catcher's mitt, a baseball, my DS, Sonic Rush, an airgun, a mini Nerf gun, and a volt meter. I tried to fall asleep.

Apparently the Tails Doll sucked out the memory of my DS and Sonic Rush at the time, because when I fell asleep, I went into what I call a "dream coma". I felt the time pass by, but I was having a nightmare of Tails doll torturing me. I could not open my eyes, for Tails doll was holding them shut. I also could not get these two songs out of my head: Can you feel the sunshine (the creepy ACID mix) and Living in the city. I woke up at 11 that night with a cold.

The next day I was fine, though...

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