I know this will sound crazy, but this is the truth.

What Makes Mankind's Capacity for Evil? It's our minds. Humans think and imagine, but we never realise what are our capacities for those either. The Tails Doll is a creation of the human mind and it was mankind's capacity for evil that made it like us.

Originally, it was just a thought that it had no purpose -- just tossed around by foolish creators, but the thoughts of man -- the possibilities they saw for the odd little creature, fed it, made it stronger.

From an abstract concept, the Tails Doll took shape, feeding, reaching into the mind of humanity, the mind of the foolishness tinkerers making the "cursed" game.

This wasn't enough for the Tails Doll.

It would reach deeper into the minds of the masses that played its game. The people that saw it thought this creature was just a cheap Doll in a game, but still questions hung in the air.

A blister of reality that is the Tails Doll...

At first, just an odd-looking creature within mankind's mind, it grew on thoughts of the masses 'till a darker page was turned.

The Curse of the Tails Doll.

Once again, just a thought -- a growth in mankind's capacity for evil. It changed this creature into a beast. It fed on thoughts. What people believed, it was, and soon-fed off the fears of those who believed in the Curse it kept.

Still the Tails Doll lingered in the back of our minds and grew more. Eventually our foolish minds that hid away such evil and such ideas bridged the worlds for the Tails Doll.

They made it solid... Made it real...

Like Angels and Demons. All came forth from humanity. All made real by humanity.

It wasn't real 'till you made it real. It feds off your fear and your silly obsession and fandom. It won't stop! It keeps growing...

You made it real!


It might come for me one day, but I know the truth. I can fight back...

Hopefully now you can too.

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