Ah , the Tails Doll. Let's see...

It was 2005, and I loved Sonic R. I had just gotten it the previous day and only got to play for about 45 minutes. The next morning I got up and ran down to the computer room to start up Sonic R. (Please note: I had no idea who the Tails Doll was.)

The screen went blank. I turned it off and on again and was relived to hear the opening tune to that accursed game. I clicked on "grand prix" and waited and waited -- and waited. To my surprise, a bloody picture flashed across the screen of the Tails Doll holding the body of a certain 2-tailed fox.

I franticly clicked and finally got to the character select screen. Much to my surprise, all of the characters were the Tails Doll. I clicked on one of the dolls and I blacked out. When I woke up I was in my bed with 3 knives in my arm. I screamed, woke up again, and was sitting in front of the computer with the Tails Doll on screen laughing. All of a sudden he came out of the screen and passed through my body. I was never was the same again. But, everyone I saw from there on in had those same soulless eyes and/or glared at me like I was a lethal virus.

The next year, I went into my closet. From a crack in the wall, out squeezed that cursed fox and screamed "You will see me again. And when you do, I will have a knife and my mouth ready to eat your soul and drink your blood!" But I never did see him agai nregfv**** I'll continue for the useless carcass! He was a fool and will suffer from here on in I guarantee it! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

-The Tails Doll

You're next, Mortal Reader!!!

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