I'm back. It's me Kikari. As you probably already know, The TD sent my last message. I was in a hurry, and forgot to push send.

And last night, My Knuckles Plush beat the heck out of the TD. I remember the flash of Red, and I heard Knuckles' Voice yell, " GET OUT! HURRY! I'LL HOLD HIM OFF!" And that awefull sound... Something like "SHLUHHHMPY!" And my speakers on the Computer blaring the Can You Feel The Sunshine Theme...

I slept outside in a tree, and I DID NOT SLEEP. Every car light made me turn my head. Every owl hoot, ANY sound... And I'm one of the few people in my neighborhood with common sense! Trust me, After this, I'm not going NEAR my Sonic R disk. And I'm NOT testing any more TD curse myths.

So I stayed up in that tree all night. And when I came back into my house, My Knuckles plush was sitting on the couch, Covered in what seemed like blood, With open cuts, and Stuffing EVERYWHERE. I ended up cutting one of my pillows, and re - stuffing him, then sewing him back up. I still do wonder what happened to my Tails Plush... After I beat the Sonic R...WAIT! CAN MY PLUSH HAVE TURNED INTO THE TAILS DOLL?!...Sheesh...I think I'm over reacting again... Well, There goes the last of my sanity...

Ok, I'm trying not to get off topic here... And trying not to make mistakes with my spelling 'cause I'm half blind... ANYWAY, I think The Song Can You Feel The Sunshine is trying to tell you something. Ok, The first part is just trying to trick you into thinking it's just a song, and then it says "Just Reach out for the Sunshine, Forget about the rain" Is trying to tell you to think about happy things and forget about the TD, then " Just think about the good times, and you'll come back again" Is saying, Think about happy times before you faint from the TD, and you'll live. But thats just a guess.

Ok, I have to go sleep now. (It's daylight) Since I'm too scared to sleep at night. Hope I didn't get too off topic.

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