It was Wednesday night. I was outside in the woods near a small village, waiting for the full moon to come out from behind the clouds. When it was finally visible, and its blue light glowed on my flesh, I decided to go out for a walk. After quite a wile of walking, I caught a strange smell. It smelled like blood, but there was another smell I have never caught a whiff of before in my life.

I believe it was the smell of evil.

I fallowed it until I reached a house. All the lights were off except for one. There was a blue glow coming from one of the top windows. I decided to have a look. I started to climb the side of the wall thanks to his gutter. It was hard work not to fall and even harder to go up.

I was finally up the wall. Then when I looked inside the window, I saw a friend of mine playing mindlessly Sonic R. His name was Robert. I knocked on the window. He did not turn to look at me. I was about to shout at him but I saw a red light under his bed. Oh God no! My mind screamed over and over again. I had to save Robert! A part of my mind objected, saying that if I entered the room I’d die. But I shushed the cowardly side of my thoughts and I smashed the window open. The red light moved slightly towards the right of my friend's bed, as if it heard me break the window. Unlike my friend, who was still hitting buttons trying to tag Super Sonic. “NO!” I screamed. I ran over to him and I kicked the remote out of his hands. Then I heard something.


I slowly turned around, and then I saw him! The Tails Doll!

“What arrrre yoouuu doing?” The hideous voice asked. “Saving him from you!” I answered.

“Reeeaaly? You think you saved him? You were too late,” The Tails doll said. I froze. I felt no presence behind me. I turned around and the saw my friend on the ground, he had a huge hole in his stomach, blood pumped out of the horrible wound.

“Hiss blood and soul will be delectable, but yours…” The Tails Doll paused, relishing the thought of the taste of my tormented soul. “…Your soul filled with pain annd misery will be…soo good! Like many, I will let you live, soo that I may torture you, haunt you, torment you too the point were your mind will cease to work!”

His laugh was horrible! It sounded like a small child’s voice, only demonic. After that day, many of the ones I loved died. All were found dead in the same state; Faces white with terror, and a wound that was shaped like the head of the Tails Doll.

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