This story takes place 4 days after the release of Sonic R. The following is very disturbing.

I was walking down the road with my friend. I invited them over to my place. "Hey, I got Sonic R. You wanna come play it?" I asked. He said yes, and we walked to my house, set down our back packs, and headed to my room.

When we got there, we hooked up the Saturn, put in the game, and began to play. We chose Resort Island, and I chose the Tails Doll. That's when things got...


It was midnight -- we had been playing for a while -- but the music in the level slowed down, and Tails Doll froze. It was like it refused to move.

The music was then replaced by screams, and sounds of slaughter. We tried to turn the system off, but when we touched it, we got a shock. I then unhooked the system, but the din continued on. We ran for the door, but the knob was extremely hot. Not knowing this, my friend tried to open it, but it burnt his hand so bad that it melded to the door knob.

He screamed, and tore away -- the bones of his hand were now exposed. We ran for the window. I opened it, but it quickly slammed shut again on my hand. I lost my ring and pinky finger.

The pain... Dear LORD, the horrible pain...

The light bulbs in my room exploded, now my room only lit by the television. The television went out, and me and my friend were cringing in pain. We then saw a red light. It seemed to be hovering. The lights went back on. It was the Tails Doll. Its eyes were replaced with a pitch black flames.

Me and my friend screamed.

"Such an annoying sound..." it said in a faint voice. "I find you humans quite... interesting... never able to work together, so morbidly obsessed with your own wretched existence..."

Black roots came from the ground, and entered our skin. They crawled up to our faces, and started tightening. We laid on the ground in agony. The roots were sucking the life out of us, leaving us just skin and bones. We fell over, wenching in pain. He -IT - was just floating there, laughing.

"Foolish humans...Do you know who I am?! I have many forms... I can exist in anything. This doll creature just appealed to me..."

"Well, then, who are you?!!" I asked.

"I am everything you have ever hated... every illness you have ever feared... every tragedy in human history...I am the future--"

It paused.

"I am the end of the world."

The room filled with satanic laughing and screaming.

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