Argh, stupid game wouldn’t work.

I remember tapping my fingers impatiently, thus why I was mostly called Sonic by my friends at school, since I acted so much like him. I picked up the phone and called my Dad.


“Dad, Sonic R won’t work,” I pouted. I was trying to play that cursed game. I read so many stories about the Tails Doll, and my friends say I was too into it for my own good.

“Did you check the settings?”

I nodded to myself, “yeah.”

“I’ll check it when I come home, alright?”

“Alright Dad, bye,” I took the phone away from my ear and hit end. My eye caught the pop up of receiving mail from my best friend, Rebecca. Clicking on it, I saw she sent me three e-mails. I rolled my eyes, opening up new tabs to read them.

One of them contained a picture of the Tails Doll she drew. I replied saying how innocent he looked, but I knew Rebecca.

She told me earlier in school that she thought this curse was baloney.

Sending the response, I read the other two. They were both about homework from School, so I sent the info along with a link to one of the sites on YTMND, since sometimes the music made me giddy. I was listening to the creepy music of "Game Over for Sonic." For some reason, the music made me laugh.

I have seen videos of people trying to prove the curse, but then again, I was a sucker for this stuff. I was used to the sight of blood; I enjoyed the metal taste when it struck my taste buds after I hurt myself. Not to mention that I enjoyed gore movies.

It must have been at least around 7:45 pm when I received an e-mail from Becca.

I noticed the title was called “>: (“, so I clicked on it.

What I read made shivers go down my spine.

“You’re so stupid! If you think breathing into a phone is gonna scare me... Well, then YOU have issues! AND DON'T try to play innocent, like 'Who me? I didn't do anything?' :P I have news for you! I checked he caller ID! Ha!”

I raised an eyebrow, and then typed slowly.

“What? I didn’t call you o.o”

Later that night, my dad came home and tried to see why Sonic R wouldn’t work. People know if you complete the game with 100%, TD would come. I'd beaten the game so many times, but I prevented it somehow. Perhaps because I adored Tails Doll with my heart, even when I was little.

I jumped when the phone rang. It was Rebecca.

“Rebecca,” I stated, anger in my voice. “I did NOT call you.”

“Yeah right.” She had a sarcastic tone.

I turned to my dad, and blinked.

“Caelie,” my dad said, “You had the disc in the wrong drive.” I could tell he was laughing at me.

“Okay, okay, dad, now go.” I shooed him out of my chair, then plopped down in it and sighed. “Becca, stop saying I called you!”

“That was you, Caelie, I know how you breathe.”

“But I never touched the phone since I called my dad at five,” I pointed out, thinking. "Wait…Rebecca?”


“Did you hear any music?”

“Now that you mention it…yeah, I did.”

“Hang on,” I said, double-clicking on the Sonic R logo on my desktop, selecting one of the two options. “Do you remember the words,” I asked as I waited for the main menu to pop up.

“Not really,” she mumbled. I could barely hear her.

As I loaded my complete game, I cleared my throat. “Alright, now tell me if this is the song.”

I chose Tails Doll for a reason. I wanted to prove to Rebecca this curse was real.

As the lyrics of "Can You Feel The Sunshine" played, I was racing against the normal characters. Of course, it was hard. So I put the phone on speaker.

I stopped the game and blinked, “was that the song?”

“No. Is there any other song in the game?”

“There’s Livin’ In The City, but check it on YouTube, okay? I wanna try something,” I exited the race and headed to Time Attack.

I heard many people did this, and it was horrible. Perhaps it only occurred on Gamecube Gems Collection, but I wasn’t sure.

I clicked Tag 4 Characters.

Me? I chose the Tails Doll.

“I think it was the first song, Caelie.” She sounded confident.

“Alright, I have you on speaker phone, so keep talking to me, alright?”

“Okay,” she said, “wait, what are you doing?”

“Trying out what people have done on that sight,” I shrugged. “I’m use the Tails Doll in tag mode and going to tag Super Sonic.”

Maybe I was badly affected by the curse. Was it possible to be enslaved by him before meeting him? This thought never occurred to me.

After 6 minutes, I tagged Super Sonic.

“There, done.”

“Did anything happen?”

“No,” I said, upset. Damn, I really wanted to meet him!

“See, I told you!”

“Who knows, Becca? My power could go out at any minute!”

“Yeah right,” she said.

“Anyways, we should work on our homework.”

“Yeah, see you tomorrow, Caelie.”

“Bye, Rebecca,” I said as I hung up the phone.

I adore the Tails Doll and all, but still I feared the curse. I feared it badly. Right before I went to bed, I was staring at the Sonic X Tails Doll I owned. Without the lights on, it looked like it was staring at me with empty eyes. I shook my head, stupid mind. My thoughts did that a lot. Before I knew it, I was cuddling my Sonic doll and fell asleep.

When I woke up, near my Tails doll was a yellow note.

I froze in my bed. I looked at the clock and squeaked. It was three in the morning.

I turned the light on, reaching for my glasses so I could read the note. I swallowed nervously, It said:

“I’m watching you. Can You Feel The Sunshine?”

I wanted to scream, It, was watching me. I went to school, and I took the note with me. I wanted to show Rebecca.

But I never saw Rebecca that day. Nor next couple days after that.

It's as if she disappeared.

The story continues in It's Coming

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