This story is a sequel to Death is my Friend and Q&B093: Do the Math by Celebaby20, kindly read both before continuing.

Yes, I saw Celebaby's punishment. And I can't say I was happy about it. Recently, since my last message, I've been tracking the pages that the other two Tails Doll captives have been visiting on the web. The Doll spoils us alright. He tells us that our purity is something to be proud of.

The information about kitsunes is amazing. I hadn't noticed until now, but he does seem kitsune-like. Certain Deities or Gods are also kitsune like, and in some religions, deities are ranked by their power, which is shown by their tails. The max is nine.

So far the Tails Doll has three pure souls to make three new tails to his body. So, this will total to five when he figures out how to transfigure our souls to tails.

I'm thankful he hasn't, as I've been feeling more dreary than I usually do. I have a set level of dreary I can take and enjoy before I get annoyed with it and seek to smash the drear-causer to pieces.

Oh how I'd LOVE to smash the Tails Doll to bits!

I just had to test the curse. Everyday, my hands are cold. It wasn't until I caught Celebaby's addition to our situation that I realized my dreariness was more than usual. It's because the Tails Doll spoils us. I came in as a murder-loving sociopath, and the irony of all that has only ADDED to my dreariness.

We each get Wiis. I get free access to any murder story I please, written, acted, and animated.

Oh, and her punishment? Not only a loss of Wii permissions, but also she was damn near shocked to death, and she's close to being disabled now. The Tails Doll is nearly omnipotent. It was the intensity of her need to send you her last message that drew IT to her and IT nearly killed her.

Normally, I'd raise my hands and shout "YEAH." at something like this. But not now, this is reality.

If the Tails Doll- Oh Shitasdfkjr/bvesd.

Tails Doll typing...

Another traitor. Maybe I should break his limbs like I did that girl's mobility.


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