Revenge is a terrible (or in this case.. deadly) thing. It will build up inside of you, and once you're full of hatred, you'll do something you'll regret....

Today I have not one but THREE stories, including a bully, a best friend, and a secret crush - or i guess I should say CRUSHED now - this will be only part one though.

Let's start with the bully...

There was this bully who liked to torture innocent kids -- sometimes even beat them. His name was Aaron. He picked on me the most because I wasn't what you would call "skinny". I heard so many hurtful names like "fatass" or "that fat kid over there" (I could go on forever). Anyways then he started to fight me and I tried to fight back. I got beat up pretty bad.

Home alone and bruised, I was angry and started to cry. I wanted revenge BAD. I started to think, and that's when it came to me. (If you had read my last story this part will make more sense) "That doll.. at the party who looked like Tails...". "If I call him (or it.. whatever) he could get revenge for me". So the next day after school I started playing a new game of Sonic R and got Tails Doll. After that, the screen went dark and it appeared right in front of me. "YOU AGAIN?" the voice said in my head. I quickly told the doll my story. The voice in my head said "hmmm, if it includes souls, take me to this "school" of yours then and I'll do the rest".

The next morning, I found the Tails Doll by my bed and put it in my backpack and went to school. Once there, I took the Doll Out and he disappeared. The next day I went to school and found hair sticking out of a locker. I pulled it open. To my surprise, it was the dead body of Aaron -- all cut up, and covered in blood. On his head was a note.

"Thanks for the soul, but you should dispose of the body."


I am sorry to say this is only part one of my story. There is still another story involving a horrible car wreck....

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