This story is a sequel to Bound

Hey, this is Chan again. This time, I'd like to introduce Sandra, my friend, who I'll call Sand. (True stories) I'd like to tell you of my second experience with the Tails Doll. For those of you who remember my last contribution, about me feeling the Tails Doll's 'presence,' this came a day after that.

I was riding down to the field near my house at night. I turned the corner, rode down the dark street, and reached the curved turn at the end. Below a somewhat grassy hill was the park. Leaving my bike at the top, I spotted weird engravings that looked like unconnected letters made from car-like tracks. Despite some rain, I came back the next day, with my friend, Sand, and stared into the field. There, saw two letters: T and D. I walked down to the letters and looked closely, hopping they were just random car tracks. They were oddly neat and very real. Beside them was a very strange tree, that made Sand gasp.

Now, here's Sand's story, in her own words.

"Let's start a week before the later incidents. We were driving home from New Mexico, where we were visiting my Aunt and my father. We were about half way, when all of a sudden, a dog ran into the rode. It resembled the Tails Doll a bit -- it was orangish, golden yellow, with a faded red color and slightly whiter underbelly. It's eyes were almost black. It was also rather fluffy...

One night, I got bored. It was the day before Valentine's day. I drew the Tails Doll, because Chan had showed me this site earlier that day. My foot started cramping really badly. I felt hungry, so I went to go get some food. My cat also seemed hungry, so I leaned down, and my back popped. Later, around ten o'clock, I started to stitch a fake Tails Doll. The next day, while my mother was driving me to our school, and I saw in one of the drains, imprinted marks that resembled Japanese throwing stars, shurikens. When I got to school, I found this little piece of red plastic that looked like a ruby, or chaos emerald. I attached it to the fake tails doll I had been stitching the previous night. I went over to show it to Chan, and she freaked out, screaming in happiness thanks to her obsession with the Tails Doll. (Chan was kind of a fan of this stuff.)

The night after I had found the piece of plastic, I found a shiny piece of paper, crumbled it up, and taped it together to form a red paper craft 'Chaos emerald.' Then I opened up a packet of Candy hearts, which I had gotten for Valentine's Day. The first one I pulled out said, "Sun-shine."

The NEXT day, it was raining slightly, but not bad enough to keep Chan and I from walking to school. Chan wanted to show me something on the way, and we took a shortcut through a field. We saw a tree, it's leaves were mottled yellowish-orange, with some flecks of white. On that tree, grew red berries. Beneath the tree were the letters TD."


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