I have my own Tails Doll tale to tell.

I wasn't a believer -- but things have changed.

Sometime in March last year I came upon a link to your site while browsing Sonic forums. I had heard rumors about The Tails Doll Curse but never had I expected to find an entire site devoted to it, so I followed the link.

I now regret entering your site.

It was nearly 12 o’clock at night when I began to read the stories. I fell into what felt like a trance and could not stop reading. I was fascinated by all of the deaths and inexplicable events that Tails Doll may have caused. I was glued to the screen and could not stop reading, even if I wanted to. And I’ll admit it now: I didn’t want to stop.

When I had read almost half of the stories I began to grow tired and decided that it was time for me to hit the hay. I put the computer on sleep mode and drifted through my house and to my bedroom. I couldn’t stop thinking about the curse and was half afraid to turn out the light. I am a bit superstitious so I grabbed my Sonic plushie (for safe measure) and flicked the light switch; throwing my room into darkness. I dove into bed and was surprised when I started humming the tune of “Living In the City”

As I browsed the site once again I felt chills slide down my spine as I realized the startling resemblance between my own life and the stories people had submitted. The inexplicable deaths and strange occurrences that had haunted me began to make sense.

Perhaps I really have fallen under the curse.

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