Bridgend use to be such a nice place to live, wouldn't you agree? A sweet place, right in the south of Whales... untill all these suicides started happening. With 17 dead so far, it's hard to believe they weren't related at all ... or so they would have you believe.

They are simply looking for the wrong things. Searching Bebo for any clues, looking for any suicide cults while all they need to do for their answers is look in the disc drive. "The disc drive?!" you might ask "Whats that got to do with anything?"


I would bet my soul that in the disc drive or somewhere on the computer or in the house of at least one of the victims, there is a copy of Sonic R. This is the work of the Tails Doll.

Yes, Bridgend is a nice place to live, but so many there cannot feel the sunshine, as is becoming true around the world. Bridgend would be the perfect place to start, don't you agree? I can picture it now...

A brave soul comes across Quacker and Bowen's site, reads all about it, and laughs... They figure it's just another internet meme, just like the Mudkip thing. They figure they can get a few laughs, make up a story and send it in. Then after awhile, they actually decide to test it, play Sonic R, complete it 100%, Tag Super Sonic as Tails Doll. And then, something happens that has not happened in an age... it works.

The poor soul is easily eliminated by the Tails Doll who finally feasts upon the sunshine in their soul and fakes a Suicide before returning to it's warm home within Sonic R. Then the chaos ensues.

Bebo. A community of fools. The posts of "R.I.P" and all that nonsense came flying in. It was just a menu for the Tails Doll. It could pick any one of these fools as the curse spread onto them, but it decided to stay in Bridgend for now.

Before long, 16 more joined that wretched fool, each death more horrible then the last as the Tails Doll once again gained the souls it so needed.

The latest death was dated 19th of February, and all these deaths took place since Jan 07. The Tails Doll is slowly coming back to the world, my friends, bit by bit, slowly creeping from the unknown, through your screen, and into this world. And unlike in your make believe stories, there is no stopping it anymore. As they say, the same trick never works twice to defeat the Tails Doll.

As the great Captain Barbosa said, You best start believing in Tails Doll stories... YOU'RE IN ONE!!!

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