This story is a sequel to How Long can you Hide?

Hey, it's me again, DarthKain. Well, that tight spot I was in just got worse. How do I get myself into these messes? A few days ago, I was on the brink of success in finding a weakness when the Tails Doll finally found me. "Enough of this game of cat and mouse," he said to me, almost angrily. "I finally have you cornered."

I ran at him with my replica sword and sliced right through him! Feeling that I had won, I let my guard down and turned. BIG MISTAKE! He grabbed me by the shoulders me against the wall of the shack that had become my new home.

"You are the one of the few humans to have ever been a challenge to me. I will make you an offer," he told me. "You can become my slave or die. Choose, human." The last thing I saw before I passed out was my own middle finger sticking up in Tails Doll's face.

I now live as the Tails Doll's pet, apparently he didn't want me to stir up a rebellion in his slaves, but didn't want to waste my life either. I must be of some use to him -- though what use that may be escapes me. My large cage has elevators down to the purest souls' rooms. Maybe he wants me to check up on them?

At any rate, I would rather help escape... Uh-oh! I have to go, TD's coming! I'll check in with you guys later!

The story continues in Freed

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