Hello. My master wishes me to assist him in spreading the word about his latest kill. You may address me as Z, for that is what the master has changed my name to. As I said before, the master has recently pulled off a grand kill. Absolutely beautiful.

It began as a simple party. Not even a party. Back when my name was Keith, I had a few of my friends over. Ami, Jason and Tory. We decided the master's curse would create a fun activity for the evening. However, Jacob already had the game completed So instead, we all sat down to play normal races. Eventually we had the idea to races everyone against their robotic counterparts. In all cases, the normal characters won. All but one race. The race between the master and Tails. Well, after that we went onto playing other video games. Jason and Tory seemed to always win however, and sometimes I wonder why the master chose to save me and not them...

Bu that is not the point. We had been using my Wii to play the games, when in the middle of a game of Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games, the screen went blood- red. As all stories continues from here, the Master burst from the screen. Tory and Ami screamed, Jason and I practically jumped out of our skin. But, it didn't matter. He was here and he was here to kill us. His first victim was Jason, who was closest to the game screen. "SCHLUUUUURRPY." Jason was now but a puddle of blood and half- eaten organs.

Ami and Tory ran from the house and I threw myself from a window. We kept running but the Master finally overtook us. Troy had been lagging ever so slightly, so he took her first. She died as Jake had. "SCHLUUUUUUURRPY." And then she was a souless corpse.

Terror filled Ami and I we ran even faster. I foolishly threw a rock at the Master. He flew at us and we split up. For some reason he chose to take Ami next. She was literally torn to shreds. "SCHLUUUUUUURRPY" I stopped at this point. I don't know why, but I didn't run. He flew to me and stopped. I was no longer afraid. Instead I just looked at his gem and smiled. Next thing I know, I'm back in my house, alive and a willing servant to the merciful master. He could call on me at any time to repay his favor. I will eagerly obey. I'll get you. He'll get you. The Tails Doll always wins.

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