I need to spread the word. I once knew a guy who knew a guy who's uncle's son's brother was my friend. Anyway, he was a big Sonic fan -- I mean BIG. He collected all of the games, and his obsession towards Sonic was only surpassed by his love of the character Tails.

It was early December and, thanks to global warming, it was raining instead of snowing. The time was 7:30. I was playing "Shadow the Hedgehog" when he called. He was excited, speaking in the same high tone of voice he does whenever he receives a new Sonic game. I got up to ride to his house, got my shoes on, my coat, and my hat. Then the phone rang.

"Yeah, I'm on my way" I said, but there was no reply. There was a faint sound and I had to listen hard to hear anything, but all I could make out was:

"Can you feel the sunshine?"

"Dude, its raining," I replied and went on my way.

The first thing I noticed when I arrived was that his house was completely empty, all the lights were off but one. Looking back at it, I shouldn't of gone in, but I was curious. I made my way though the darkness looking for the light, tripping over various things in my way. If only I had looked at them! Finally, I entered the room to find my friend sitting on the floor, staring at the screen.

He was playing Sonic R.

Although playing is and overstatement. He was at the start line. Not moving. Playing as the Tails Doll.

"Your controller broke?" I asked even though I knew something was wrong. My friend didn't move. "Hey!" I shouted. No answer. "Where are your parents? What's wrong with you?" I yanked him around to face me and was shocked beyond belief. His eyes where gone -- they had been replaced with beads. Engraved into his skull was something so strange I cant explain.

I just stared in shock. What was going on? I looked at the screen and slowly the Tails Doll turned to face me.

"No one plays and finishes. Would you like to see what I mean?" The controller flew in the air and wrapped itself around my neck, choking me. "No...." I gasped. Quickly, I grabbed a pair of scissors off the floor and cut the wire. Diving out of the way of the player 2 controller, I unplugged the console and t.v.

But nothing happened, the image of the Tails Doll continued hanging in mid-air, staring at me.

"You do not know what the curse is, do you? This is the fate of those who play." "But I haven't played yet," I cried. "I do not need the curse to finish you off." I ran backwards to get away, locking the door behind me. But turning around was a mistake, for in the middle of the floor was the thing I had tripped over earlier. It was the Tails Doll! It eerily floated up into the air. I had no other option but to jump out of the open window and run back to my own house.

It has only been a couple of hours since then.

I don't have much time. He's here. In my room. I can feel it. I can feel -- the sunshine.

You don't have to play the game, to feel my pain.....

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