This story serves as a sequel to Remember Me

I have recently discovered that the Tails Doll has a new power, one that can cause severe harm to one's mind.

The power to enter dreams.

Yes, you heard right. The cursed Doll can enter dreams now, and turn them into nightmares. Not those "monsters under the bed" nightmares. No. I'm talking about horrible, sick, twisted, demented nightmares that will never leave your mind. They will be stuck in your head forever.

It all started last Friday. I was taking a break from the work the Doll ordered me to do. I was dreaming that I was my normal self again, in my human body.

Suddenly the sky got dark and lightning flashed wildly in the sky. The Tails Doll floated down from the sky and wind started picking up. The gust got stronger and stronger, until tree branches started snapping off trees.

I went to attack him, but was suddenly cut off by a bolt of lightning that landed right in front of me. It happened again and again, until I eventually grew too tired to avoid the bolts.

That's when I became encased in a glass bubble. I banged on the walls, and screamed "LET ME OUT!" I don't know how many times.

"Ah heh," the Doll laughed. "You are wasting your time. This is now MY dream. There is no escape from here! Hahahahahahahahahahaha!"

Then I woke up...

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