Hello. Just call me Starry. Last night, a couple of friends of mine (lets call them Mal and Jay.) tried The Doll's curse. I, personally, have been terrified of the doll since I learned of the curse, but Mal and Jay insisted I was wrong. But now, I'm afraid they might not be here anymore.

I live miles away from them, so I was only on instant messenger when it happened. It was about 2 in the morning, 6 hours after they'd done the cursed tag with the Doll. Mal told me over the IM that his phone was ringing, and that the number was restricted. But, he didn't answer it. There was a voice message, so he left the computer and I got to talk to Jay. Jay said that HIS phone had rung too, but he'd answered it. Nothing but static.

When Mal got back on, I asked him what the message had been. He said static, but it sounded like someone was saying something in the background. Then there was a text message. 'helo. thanku. bye.' from 382-457-3055. I was worried, but he seemed sure that it was just some kid prank messaging.

He said one of his cats must have bitten his leg, then, because his leg then started to bleed from a scratch. He left, and Jay got back on. He told me that his phone shocked him after about a minute. My stomach was in knots, but I asked what the number was that he'd gotten the call from...382-457-3055. I told him it was the same number, and he freaked. I stared at the number for about a minute, then a thought hit me. I got my own phone, and looked. It was true. I told Mal to look at the numbers on his phone, because:

382-457-3055 3TA-ILS-D0LL

That seemed to convince Mal. He looked at the scratch and told me it... it looked like a T! I told him about the song, 'It Doesn't Matter', which I'd heard was meant to help. I got my Knuckles plushie, trying to stop myself from shaking. The Doll was real and it was going after my best friend, and his friend!

It all got worse.

Mal told me that the cut was starting to fade. Then, Jay's phone rang again. He answered it. The person on the other end whispered 'Thank you'. I knew who it was, and what it meant, and they did too. I could tell by the speed and number of mistakes they made while typing to me.

Then Mal told me that the Wii (which they'd played Sonic Gems with) turned on by itself, and instead of the Wii menu screen, the TV went red. All. Red. The last thing Mal put was "Oh god, ITS REAL!"

Then... he was gone. He went offline.

I haven't seen or talked to him since... I'm worried. I think the Doll has already taken them. If only they'd listened!

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