I never really believed in the Tails Doll. I just thought it was a clever rumor. Well I was wrong… so very, very wrong.

It happened in November. One of my best friends, Miranda, and I were coming home from the fall dance to have a sleep over at my house. When we got home, I let her put her stuff down in my TV room/guest room where there is an extra bed, and I keep video game stuff. I have a PS3 and a Wii.

Miranda already had a PS2 and asked if we could play my Wii. We played all of my Wii games for about 10 minutes each and by the time we were done it was about 1:00 in the morning so we were a little wired. Miranda was busy looking through my game collection when the phone rang. “Hey Zoe what’s up? It’s Sarah.” Sarah, my other best friend is a bit of a paranormal and conspiracy freak. “Nothing much here,” I replied and we talked for about five minutes until Miranda pulled out my Sonic Gems CD. “Hey, this has that one cursed game on it right? Wanna try it out?” Sarah over heard Miranda and asked what game she was talking about. I told her it was Sonic R. Hearing that Sarah went crazy and begged us not to play. I told her that I would have my Sonic and Shadow plushies with us and that we would be fine. Sarah said that we had been warned and hung up.

I had already beaten the game and unlocked everything. All that was left was to tag Super Sonic with the Tails Doll. I said that I would do it so if something did happen, I would get the worst of it. After three minutes, I had done it. I had tagged Super Sonic. Other than the creepy doll staring at me wile the screen went black, nothing happened, so Miranda ended racing each other for a little wile. I chose Tails, my favorite character, and Miranda chose Knuckles. We went to the city level first, and then the ancient ruin level. We got tired and bored after that, so we went to bed. I gave Miranda the Shadow plushy and I took Sonic.

I woke up around five in the morning hearing that awful tune "Can You Feel" the Sunshine? I went into the guest room where it was coming from. The TV was on and the Tails Doll was running without anybody and the controls. I assumed it was just the demonstration and that Miranda must have played it a little bit before falling asleep. I still had the Sonic plushy in my hand after I turned off the TV. That’s when I heard it.

Shrrruuummpy….. shrumpy…shrrrrruummmmppppyyyy…

I thought it was my cat, but than I saw the gem and I knew I was wrong. Everything went black after that.

I woke up in the hospital. Miranda was in the cot next to be with one of those oxygen masks on. “We’re not sure what happened.” I heard my mom telling me. “You are going to be fine. No missing organs or appendages, but she still hasn’t shown any signs of waking, and she was missing a substantial amount of blood.” I got to go home that afternoon. I looked at my room. My bed hadn’t been made, and I pulled back the sheets. The Shadow plushy was in my bed. Miranda must have put it there when I wasn’t looking. She was never one to believe in legends. I went into my bathroom, and there on the floor written in blood were the words “YOU'RE SMART. TOO BAD SHE WASN’T.”

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