There are so many tales about a certain curse bestowed upon a Sega Saturn game, and, contrary to popular belief, the curse survived the transfer to Sonic Gems. I found this out firsthand by unleashing it upon a friend.

Two years ago Brad’s birthday had come up and he was a big fan of Sonic. Well, I knew he had never played Sonic R on the Saturn, and his older brother had taken away the Saturn to college, so Sonic Gems seemed like a perfect gift. In the card I included a small bit about the curse on the original Sonic R, noting that it had been dispelled through the transfer.

About a week later, he called me over to play multiplayer. Well, I’ve only lost in Sonic R to one person, Veronica, a long time ago, and since switched characters, with Metal Sonic and Knuckles being my favored characters to use. Brad had unlocked all of the characters, including the supposedly un-cursed Tails Doll, and urging for a chance to prove himself, we started with the ever classic Super Sonic vs. Metal Knuckles race. We kept at this match up until we could no longer take "Diamond in the Sky" being drilled into our heads.

Taking a short break from the multicolored mayhem, our first choice of discussion was, as any conversation about Sonic R should contain, the Tails Doll. He unlocked him, but hadn’t played him yet. Always on the side of caution, I advised him not to tempt fate. I had seen the Tails Doll used before by Veronica, one of the few people who dared to try it, much less survive, and it wasn’t the best racer – probably why Sonic & Company are still alive and running.

Brad did not heed my warning, and together, filled with anticipation, we started again. He selected the Tails Doll, while I stuck with original Tails as a contrast. "As Livin’ in the City" began to play, the game played as usual. No bloodthirsty kitsune appearing to kill us all. Just the game. I left soon after this, I had a Physics test on Universal Gravitation to study for, relieved that I hadn’t died before I understood that G =6.67 E- 11.

The next week Brad’s went missing. His parents filed a police report. All they could find were unidentifiable orange fibers and a trail of blood from his bedroom leading to the GameCube.

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