All I wanted to do is go to a simple party without any curses or floating dolls... but that didn't happen.

Me and my friends, Trevor Brett and Gus were invited to a Halloween party hosted by a popular kid at my school. When we got there we saw the people arguing over if a certain curse was real or not. You should know what curse I'm talking about -- yep, the Tails Doll curse! Anyways, the kid who hosted the party had a Saturn AND a copy of Sonic R , so they decided to test the theory. They were at 99% and all they had to do is get the Tails Doll.

Next came a huge tragedy. When they finally got the Tails Doll, Trevor said "this curse is a load of-". Before he could finish the sentence the TV screen went black and the Tails Doll appeared on the screen. Suddenly the whole neighborhood suffered a blackout. I began to say "what the," when "SMACK," I got hit on the head and passed out.

I woke up later, in a blood-stained room full of bodies. I still have that horrifying image in my mind. I found blood leading into a room where I found Gus lying on the floor. He was covered in blood with writing on his head saying "CaN yOu FeEl ThE sUnShInE" in chicken scratch. After that, I heard a scream coming from a room nearby. The door was blocked by a chair, so I moved it out of the way and opened the door. Trevor and Brett had survived! They had told me that someone had blocked the door and trapped them inside. On the second floor of the house, we heard another scream coming from the bathroom.

When we got to the bathroom, we found the Tails Doll slicing away at some poor human being. It saw us and I heard a voice in my head saying "LONG LIVE TAILS DOLL". The Doll sped toward us. He missed, and Brett said " Come on guys, if we stop believing in the Tails Doll, it wont hurt us." Seconds later, Brett got stabbed in the back. He screamed "OH GOD THE PAIN!" and fell down, dead. Acting in instinct, I grabbed the doll, found the oven, and through him in. I quickly turned it on an the Tails doll burnt up. Me and Trevor made it out with our lives an walked away. I told him "never.. speak.. of this again"

Alas, my long story has come to an end, but the curse has not, because the next morning I woke up and found a blood-stained Tails Doll beside my bed. That same voice echoed in my head -- "LONG LIVE TAILS DOLL!"

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