This Tails Doll phenomenon is in some ways (or in all ways) true. You are a blithering fool if you donʼt believe in the Tails Doll. Though I have never encountered the Tails Doll before, (even after doing the curse several times.) I still have weird experiences whenever I play Sonic R. (and even when I'm not playing the game) and those experiences are:

1. Whenever I play Sonic R (no matter where I am or what the temperature is) the temperature drops by exactly 30 degrees.

2. Whenever I play as the Tails Doll in Sonic R, my eyes start getting very watery. It looks like I'm crying, except I don't look sad, and my nose isn't stuffy at all.

3. This may, or may not have something to do with the Tails Doll, but there's this little red dot on the side of my computer screen that never goes away.

4. Remember the thing I said about the temperature dropping by 30 degrees? Well, whenever I'm holding Bible when playing the game, the temperature doesn't go down at all.

5. I've seen at least 3 foxes walking around my house lately.

6. I found a red shard that looks like glass in my bathroom sink.

7. When I was playing Super Sonic in Sonic R, a computer controlled Tails Doll beat me.

8. I was browsing DeviantArt for some creepy Tails Doll pics. I found several. But I only looked at one. I stared at the eyes of the Tails Doll pic for a few minuets, then all of a sudden, I was blind! But only for a few minuets. I regained my site.

9. I was walking around with my friends in the streets at night time. Soon, one of my friends pointed out that there was a weird, creepy looking fox with glowing red eyes walking around a bush that was at the border of an animal reserve. We ran over to it, but it jumped over the fence before we could get closer to it.

Is the Tails Doll waiting for a perfect time to attack me? He seems to be toying with me. Maybe he wont attack me because of my strong Christian life. God is the only being in the entire Universe that can kill the Tails Doll. God is our only safety from this creature.

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