I admit, I didn't believe the Tails Doll curse at first, I thought it was all just a bunch of made up bologna. How wrong I was.....

My little brother got Sonic Gems for Christmas. I started playing it when I saw Sonic R. I remembered the stupid little curse my best friend told me about. I wanted to prove her wrong, so I started playing Sonic R. I was determined to unlock the Tails Doll and play as him. I finally did, and started racing with him. Then I found tag mode. I selected the Tails Doll. Everything went fine until I tagged Super Sonic.

Suddenly the game just froze. I thought my disc was screwed up, so I started it up again. It worked fine. I shrugged it off and went to play Sonic CD.

On the first boss, the music started playing, but then it stopped. The screen went black and I thought it froze again, until I heard the haunting words

"Can you feel the sunshine...."

That was when I knew the curse was real. I turned off the game and ran to my phone to call my best friend. I told what I did and she started crying.

"Your going to die!" She cried at me. Suddenly the phone went dead. I tried redialing, no use. Then it came back on again.

"Hello?" I whispered.

"I'm coming for you," came a sinister voice.

I slammed the phone into the receiver and ran up into my room and locked the door. I covered myself with my blanket.

To my horror, a pair of red eyes appeared in front of me.

I fell out of my bed and hid behind my stuffed animals on the other side of the room. I peaked up and saw the Tails Doll heading for me.

I closed my eyes and yelled, "Your not real!" over and over while pelting him with stuffed animals. I think I fainted then.

I woke up some time later and my room was covered in graffiti. Each one had something to do with the Tails Doll, and it looked like it was written with blood. I looked in the mirror and saw my face all scratched up.

I went downstairs and my parents asked what happened. I told them the whole story. Of course they wouldn't believe me. They tried taking me to a psychiatrist, but it didn't work.

My brothers believed me though, and to this day we haven't played Sonic Gems since. My friend was overjoyed that I didn't die. But sometimes, when I'm all alone, I think the Tails Doll is near me. And is coming back.


I was one of the lucky victims.

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