Hello, my accepted alias is DarthKain and the like, but you can call me Dylan. I'm in a tight spot right now and I'm having some trouble getting out of it. You see, I am on the run from the Tails Doll.

It all started last week. I had beaten Sonic R and had never heard of the curse (until I began to read your site). It was then that I started becoming a little paranoid. "What if he comes for me next?" I would ask myself. Well, a few days later, I let the matter drop. "Curses aren't real, you idiot," I told myself. Heh, how could I have been so wrong?

That night, my power went out. "Feh, the circuit's just been tripped up again." Suddenly, I heard a strangely familiar song coming from my kitchen. "Can you feel the sunshine, does it brighten up your day? Don't you feel that sometimes, you just need to run away?"

My next thought was sort of an "Oh s***!" I grabbed my master replica sword out of my closet and jumped out into my kitchen. By the time the TD even turned around, I had chopped it into pieces and ran, sword in my hand. I knew it would re-form itself and come after me, so I just kept running until I was sure I had lost it. I've been hiding out and running ever since, always looking over my shoulder for the doll of death. I'm working on finding a weakness.

Perhaps if I can find this alleged [[ "Sonic the Shapeshifter" and work with her, we can find a weakness and a plan of attack! So take comfort in this fact, TD believers, all hope is not lost.

A sequel exists entitled Tight

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