I thought it was just a myth...

In 2006, my friend bought Sonic R on Ebay. He played it for a few days but got bored of it quickly. However, not too long ago he decided to play it again...

He had just completed the game and unlocked the Tails Doll. I was browsing the internet when I came across this website. I read the stories in utter shock. I got in my car and drove to my friend's house as quick as I could, I hoped it wasn't too late. I got there and tried to open the was locked! I grabbed a stick lying on the ground and broke in through one of the windows. "TURN OFF THE GAME! TURN OFF THE GAME DAMN IT!!!" I screamed.

I stared at the TV screen.....

Tails Doll...he was not there...

"I'm too late..." I mumbled.

I screamed and threw the Saturn out of the window. Just then, I heard a loud thump. It was coming from the basement. I ran....I ran as fast as I could. There...right in front of me....was the dreaded Tails Doll. In his hands was the severed head of my friend. The head began to talk:

"Can you feel the sunshine....does it brighten up your day?"

The head sang it over and over again. For hours and hours...eventually I collapsed onto the ground.

I woke up and I was lying in a patch of grass. My friend's house was gone. I got up and saw an old man walking out of his house.

"Where did the house here go???" I asked

"House? There's never been a house there..." He replied

I looked down at the ground. There was my friend's head. Covered in blood-stained fluff. And next to it...the Tails lifted it's head and looked into my eyes, then faded away into the air.

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