This story serves as a sequel to Depressed, also by Celebaby. In addition, it may be of the benefit to the reader to also read the other stories in the penned by Spooky Sam, Zeph, and Chris.

Don't ask how I'm managing to do this without Tails Doll knowing. I think he's gone to eat. And I have to hide and make sure that Chris doesn't know I'm writing either. He'd rat me out for sure. (Hell, that guy still creeps me out. I made sure to avoid him the day after he arrived.)

I've been exploring the place and I've found out that this place is empowered by a weird magical force. It's too powerful to be the Chaos Emeralds. And the Master Emerald is just the controller for those things.

No, this has to be something else. I think it's in that room Tails Doll won't let me in. Sam and Chris aren't allowed either. I tried struggling to get in whenever that soul muncher disappears, but Zeph catches me every time. And when SHE'S not on guard, some barrier keeps shoving me out.

Looks like I'm going to have to do some more research on here...but I will say something interesting.

You know that Tails is a kitsune and the Tails Doll is obviously Tails' counterpart? I did some research on kitsunes and I found out they're a Japanese symbol of power. Plus, the more tails they have, the more powerful...

Wait a sec! Tails Doll has TWO tails and I read that the most tails a kitsune can have is nine.

Get what I'm saying? Seven purest souls, two tails already on him and nine is the total amount for a kitsune to reach it's full power...

Do the math, people.

This is just a theory, so I could be wrong. Then again, maybe I'm not, but...

If a kitsune needs nine tails to have its strongest power...

And Tails Doll has two tails already...

And we, the seven purest souls, have something he wants...

Could our souls hold the key to unleashing an even more horrible demon then Tails Doll already is? Sam and I agreed that it's a possibility. Sadly, we can't get out of here...that power I mentioned before keeps us from leaving. (It's like a damn force field.)

I better get going. If Zeph finds out I've been hiding too long, he might get suspicious and take away the Wii again. (Yeah, we each got a Wii. I think TD is trying to spoil us before taking our souls away. Uppity snob.)


Tails Doll typing:

Don't listen to what a silly girl with an overactive imagination tells you. I am not an uppity snob! Celebaby shall be punished for what she's said about me.

Now forget this message was here.

end transmission.

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