This story serves as a sequel to Sam's Back, kindly read that before continuing.

Sam here for a 3rd time.

This is bad and I mean REALLY BAD. He has...... gained ultimate power. I tried to find a way to defeat him but its too risky and if I try I might end up destroying the world in the process.

I found it out by looking at your site. It seems if the lost souls of his victims can be Re- awakened his power will overload resulting in his death. The only way to re-awaken them is to remove the ruby. Whatever the consequences I must try.

Wait... what was that? Shit he's found me this is my chance. I don't have much time

"AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HH" This is the end for you puny human. The day of reckoning has come now you will all die. "Shut up you piece of crap!" Your death will be slow and painful Sam. Wait -- what are you doing? "Ending you once and for all!" Its futile human. I am the beginning and end of humanity. "What?" I am God. I created this world to feed on your life energy. I made you and I will end you. "No!"

This is to all you innocent readers. I'm coming for you, regardless of the curse. I will destroy you 1 by 1 starting with this worm. You should see him: paralysed with fear, unable to scream for help. It's both amusing and pathetic. I'll tell you how I will kill him and the owner of this site. They will die together in the same horrible way. Devoured slowly by me (I like the taste of humans). I wont kill them. I'll let them drown in there own blood unable to escape


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