Hello there. It's me, Katlyn again, and I'm here to tell you all a little bit more about me and my ongoing story. This story starts about three days before thanksgiving when I was at Tekla's house.

Now at my high school we get a week off for thanksgiving. Cool, right? Wrong. With nothing to do and no homework to occupy our tiny attention spans, we decide to figure out why TD wouldn't come to us. It was just me, her and Yorick. So I pull out my crapilly made ouija board. Crappy but still useful.

We donned the Wii with my copy of Sonic Gems and pulled up Sonic R's select character screen. (No we really didn't think this out too much. At first we were just gonna light some candles and try my crappy board, but decided having Sonic R would be more appropriate)

Me and Tekla took seats on opposite sides of the board and put our first two fingers on the magnifying glass. Then we called to him. And waited. And waited. And waited. About a half an hour later, I said "My board's just too sucky to work T. I guess we'll have to go buy a real one."

"Yea, K. It really is bad. I'm mean, the board is just a piece of paper with stuff written on it," Tekla said.

"Well it worked when we summoned 'Bloody Mary' and scared Yorick half to death," I replied, remembering the incident on Halloween. We laughed and left the room to grab a snack.

When we came back, the room was dark. The screen was black and it cast an eerie glow on my crappy board. I turned to Tekla and asked her, "Did you turn off the TV?" She shook her head. I turned back to the crappy board and said breathlessly, "Me neither."

Slowly we walked over to the board and sat down in our original seats. We looked down at the pointer. It was moving, repeating the same letters. Finally I figured it out. It was saying, "Check the bedrooms". I looked up at Tekla but she had already figured it out. "Yorick!" we whispered together. He had gone up stairs to watch youtube. We ran up the stairs to check on him. He was slumped over his chair. On the computer screen was a vid of the Tails Doll playing his familiar tune of "Can you Feel the Sunshine?" I walked over and poked Yorick on his back. He didn't even move so we ran into Tekla's room.

I closed the door and locked it as she picked up her cellphone to call the 911. As she called 911 and talked to the operator, I sat against the door, silent as ever. I was confused. I was so happy that TD had finally decided to show up, but why did he attack Yorick? He didn't know about the curse...

Or at least I thought so. I cracked the door to look into his dark room and saw something move in the blackness. Too scared to say anything, I watched as the blob moved from corner to corner and approached the room we were taking cover in. I felt a hot breath on my neck. It was Tekla. We both watched as the blob overcame us and then, I blacked out.

When I woke up, I was in the hospital. My mom was in the chair next to me, asleep and Tekla was awake in the cot next to mine. Her mom was also asleep. We both sat up and I asked, "What are they saying happened?" "We intercepted a robbery/attempted murder. Yorick's alright. They called us heroes, K." I grinned at the irony and said, "If they only knew the extent of what we've done!" "We! You're the one who tagged Sonic with him eight times!" "Well sorry, T! You were the one who told me to make him come out!" "Nuh-uh. I only said he was cool." "Your lying." "I know," she replied and then we both lied down in our hospital beds.

We were discharged on Thanksgiving, but Yorick had severe brain damage. So bad the poor boy stopped talking.

I have to go now... My master's calling me. But I will be back later to finish my story.... And one last thing, "Can you Feel the Sunshine?"

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