Ah, how I love the idea of a curse being real. And even more, I love pushing them to their limits. Such as the Shrine God’s curse, which turned out to be a few parasitic bugs, or the curse of George Bush, who turned about to be a sneaky little bastard.

Then there is the Curse of the Tails Doll. Absolutely juicy. A doll coming out of a video game.

Your site is so intriguing, you know. It provided me with the means of testing the curse's existence. Exist doesn't even tell the half of it. Not only does he exist, but he can make you non-existent at will. He can kill you, set your life span, or cause life. He hates the life part, but to him, it was an accident. Then again, a mistake could give him his greatest power.

You see, he calls me a purest soul. Like that Sam and that Celebaby, I am a purest soul, according to him. Unlike them, my form of happiness is brought about by death. I love death. The very idea of death just fills me with joy. So much, that I decided to test this curse and become the very entity that is death.

You can thank Higurashi no Naku Koro ni for my love of death.

So I did all the necessary things to unleash the curse. But I did both of them, to make sure the curse was fully unleashed. Miyamoto’s stupid shield meant very little to his unleashing, as I caught Super Sonic with ease.

So at last the Curse was unleashed. You can tell by now that I’m not the most correct in the head. In fact, you could say I was crazy.

The Curse was great.

The Power went out. My door shut itself and locked itself. Then the Doll glided out of my TV

The Tails Doll regarded me with those soulless stone eyes of his, the same ones everyone fears. Then he announced, “Another purest soul, and so quickly. I knew Celebaby was a fool, but you… you’re so stupid t-”

“Stupid?” I blurted. “Fool, I’ve been forcing you loose for a while now. I’m practically willing to be your servant.”

“Sadly for you, you’re a Purest Soul. So instead you get to be another to my collection.”

I let a silly grin spread across my face, “Freedom is fun.”

My room became engulfed in darkness for a moment- or perhaps I went to sleep. I haven’t decided yet.

The Darkness lifted, and I found myself in a replica of my room. Computer, Desk, Bed, everything. It was all there. I knew that I was only in a replica, because this had happened to Celebaby.

“I do have a question. I’ve read that you can read minds and the like, but how can you say I am a purest soul?” I asked.

“Simple. Your love for death gives you joy. The very idea that you’d kill yourself to become death’s physical entity makes you pure,” He leaned in toward me, “What you don’t seem to realize is that you’d kill yourself to become me.”

“Delightful!” I said with another grin.

Now I reside in this little spot. I don’t have to be disturbed ever again. I am given food at my request. Not by the Tails Doll himself, but when I ask for it, it comes. I can sleep and not be bothered at all. Celebaby and Sam are appalled at how I can cope with this so easily.

“Death is my friend. I prefer the bloody death too. It makes me warm inside."

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