My master WILL find you.

I am a slave of the Master, and he is merciful. He granted all my wishes, and he can grant all yours too. All that needs to be done is to submit to his will. This is my story.

I was a normal 15-year-old computer whiz. I messed around, and stumbled on the Tails Doll curse. I clicked and read, and thought it was the biggest load of bunk I had ever read. But then my friend, who I had known for 12 years, was found...dead. In his room. With the words “Can You Feel The Sunshine” etched on his chest. Then, I knew the curse was real. And I felt an elation. I knew that now I could have a meaning in my life. So I downloaded Sonic R of the Internet. And beat it 100%.

That night, the screen flickered and became a red dot. A gem, if you will. I stood back as the lights went out, then back on as he appeared in front of me. He was greeted with something he had never seen…a smile.

“Hello…Master,” I said to him.

“Master? ...No one ever submits this quickly. Who are you?”

“My friend was a victim of yours. Kenneth.”

“Ah yes, his soul was...delectable.”

“I was hooked then. I read all about your...acts. And I’m impressed. My life, you see has no meaning. I must have...a purpose. So I want to join your army.”

The doll blankly stared, then nodded. He flew into my body, and I disappeared. Now, I am part of his army, a slave to his will. Hear this, fools, he WILL find the owner of the site. It’s only a matter of time.

When you see a man with long black hair and glowing red eyes, you will know your time has come.

You will all...

Feel the sunshine.

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