When Yorick got Sonic Gems, I have to admit, I didn't know a lick about TD. And he probably didn't know one thing about me. But when all three of us played it, I must admit, I found it amusing. It was great. Tails was in it and unlockables... It was great for an old game! But then Yorick said, "Do you know about the Tails Doll?" Tails? Had a robot counterpart? EXCELENT!

So I researched him and came on your website. I'll admit, I was scared, at first. Then I was fascinated. I borrowed the game for two weeks. More than long enough, I thought, to unlock TD. So I beat the game. I unlocked him and then tagged Sonic. Again. And Again. WhY wOuLdN't He CoMe?!?!?! Then I got bored. And then I had to give the game back. I was sooo sad! I mean, you think he'd come to at least confront me. Me! His biggest er... fan? What ever. Any way. I kinda gave up on him.

About a month later. I found Sonic Gems in Walmart. I had never seen it before there. It was like it was waiting for me. I had to get it. So I begged my mom to buy it for me. That night the strange things started happening to me and Tekla. At first we thought it was a coincidence, but as the events got stranger and weirder we had to admit, some of them were beyond rational explanation.

The dreams were too real, the sounds too out of place, the pictures... It was just wrong. We figured there was a cycle where he would haunt each of us for a period of time until he would show himself to us. He's too smart for that. If he has a pattern, it is strange and irregular. But I do know he's starting back up again.

He wants us... He wants me. He wants us to be friends. Friends forever. And I, I can feel the sunshine...

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