Though maybe unrelated, and probably meaningless, this is indeed the truest story you'll find on this site.

For some time, I had come to this website, and even I had been spooked a few times by the stories that everyone had come up with. Few times did I actually shiver and turn in early for the night only to take countless looks around the room. Regardless, I had continued.

About a month or two ago, I put up a request for someone to make me a doll. I had offered four reference shots for each side, and offered to negotiate a price. Yes, this doll I had wanted manufactured was the Tails Doll.

I had wanted it for a costume of mine for a convention. I had planned to dress up like one of those half-dead Lolita girls with the Tails Doll in my arms to look as menacing as I ever have. I believed that any Sonic fan there would want a picture, remember me and maybe even post a story inspired by my act.

Alas, time had passed, and the convention grew closer. No one had taken up the request. Perhaps they had instinctively turned away, knowing the evil that this doll would possess, even as a fake? Whatever the case, I had mentioned this not only to the webmaster, but also my friends. Eventually, one of my friends had offered to make the doll for me. After thanking him, he got to work on it.

Merely a few days before the convention, he sent the doll to me, spending much extra to have it shipped in one day. When I finally had the box on my doorstep, and on my lap, I believed things were finally going to go right for this convention.

The doll, although made lovingly, was of course not quite what I had expected. It did not have the fluffy head that I remembered the terror having, nor the swaying double tails. Being that my friend lacked the proper equipment to make it top-notch, it wasn't exactly immaculate. But still, it was without a doubt the Tails Doll, with those dotted eyes and the red ball on the top of it's head. I had been warned of it's instability, so I had placed it upon my top shelf to keep it safe from the felines until I had taken off for the convention.

The night upon receiving this doll, I had a terrible nightmare. This nightmare seemed to be unrelated to the Tails Doll; instead, in this nightmare, I myself was abusing a cat to near death. The next day, I couldn't even look at my two felines of which I held dear. The rest of the week, nightmares haunted my sleep, though surprisingly, none were of the Tails Doll. The nights I didn't dream at all were the only times I could rest easily.

And on top of this nightmare, my male kitten had also seemed to have fallen ill, though the vet had said it was merely allergies. (This seems to be true, as many other pets have been brought in with the same problem-- but I'm betting on thecurse more than anything.)

When the convention came, it was a disaster. Absolutely nothing went right, such as guests deciding not to show up; panels being hours late or canceled; even most of the attendants and volunteers were in bad moods from day one. I wasn't to take the doll with me until the second and third day, so the doll had stayed in the hotel room. When it came time for me to take it with me, I found that the two tails had fallen off, and I had decided not to take it. Perhaps this was a mistake, or the best decision I could make, as that day had gone terribly as well aside from the events that the attendants themselves had made. But yet again, nightmares were all that I knew at night.

We decided not to attend the third day, seeing how badly the convention was going. I stayed home to take care of my ill kitten as well, yet things still weren't going right. Every night from then has been filled with nightmares as well, and the one that spooked me the most was one I had just two nights ago. I won't go into large detail, but at the end, there was a battered man attacking piano keys who looked at me with soulless eyes, much like the demon doll, almost as if saying "You're next." Strangely, when I woke up barely breathing, I still heard that piano.

Even last night, I'd been haunted by nightmares, making me wake up many times only to struggle back to sleep. Finally at 7am, I was able to sleep without dreams or nightmares.

Whether this misfortune that seems almost unrelated is due to me owning that replica of the demon or not, I felt the need to report it. There has been no mention of "sunshine" thus far, but perhaps it is still related in some way.

But just those couple days ago, as I started making preparations to sew the tails back onto the doll for future conventions, I tiredly wrote the last line in my journal for that day:

"I just can't seem to feel the sunshine lately..."


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