This is the Tale of a boy. A boy, Who loved Tails, more than life.

This boy, The kid who loved Tails, just HAD to see if the Tails Doll was real. He thought it looked so cuddly. So, even though he knew it would mean the end of him, He learned how to use the Tails Doll as a lethal racing stuffed animal. He unlocked The Tails Doll, the first chance he could. He did this, with Tails. This was the first sign of trouble, but he ignored it. Once he unlocked the Tails Doll, he went to unlock Metal knuckles, but when he went to choose a racer, Tails was replaced with the Tails Doll.

But the Tails Doll was in HIS Correct place, as well.

Being a lover of all things tails, he thought this was just a small glitch. Nevertheless, he chose the Tails Doll that replaced Tails. When he unlocked the robots and the Chaos emeralds, both of the Tails Dolls started to glow. He went to play the Radical Emerald with the originally unlocked Tails Doll. This Tails Doll was fast. Really fast. So fast, his computer crashed but even though his computer wouldn't respond, The Tails Doll did.

He turned toward the screen, and flew out of it. The boy dove -- No, more like fell -- then scrambled out of the way. He managed to squeeze under his bed, but the Tails Doll had already seen him. The Tails Doll, with super plushie strength, tossed the bed aside. With a spring from the bed, he cut the boy's throat. The last thing the boy saw was the Tails Doll grinning at him.

The boy's sister had heard the bed hit the wall and came running in. The Tails Doll was ready for her. It had another bed spring. It forced it over her head, crushing the skull, and onto her neck. Letting the spring release, it ripped her neck, barely leaving her head hanging on. The Tails doll escaped into the city.

Half an hour later, The police and paramedics showed up. They managed to save the boy, But not his sister. The boy's parents were out of town, so when they heard the news They were devastated. The police report was as follows:

October 31'st, 2005. In the Ismadi house, a young girl, named Gina was killed -- brutally murdered with a bed spring. It, Was apparently forced over her head and onto her neck. A boy, Ryuku, was almost killed by a bed spring, as well. His throat was cut by the spring. The paramedics luckily managed to revive him. We believe it to be a botched robbery. The rest of the report shall be filed after the investigation.

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