This story is a sequel to I am Criad by the same author.

I am Masterweaver. I am a Criad. But today’s story is not mine. Today’s story was wheezed to me by the dying gasps of a Tails Doll slave.

There was a little girl. What her name or her looks were like are unimportant, at least for this tale. She was playing in the backyard, in the wraparound part by the side of the house. She looked up. Hovering, not noticing her, an orange doll of a two-tailed fox approached. She was not the least bit frightened; she had read fairy-tales, and weird things always happened in them. So she spoke up.

“Hello. Will you be my friend?”

The thing paused, pivoting to face her. It had strangely vacant eyes and a single antennae ending in a red gem.

There was a quiet moment as they contemplated each other.

“You offer to befriend me…willingly?”

The voice sounded wrong, but it would be rude to say so. “Yes. You see, everybody thinks I’m weird because I hate pink even though I’m a girl.”

“Have you heard of… Sonic the Hedgehog?” An instinctive shudder rippled its body.

“No. Who’s he?”

The thing was silent.


The thing lifted a hand as if to rip her heart out, but stopped. She looked on innocently.

“You offer to befriend me…Why?”

“Everyone needs a friend!”

From across the street, a tune from a video game floated.

“Can you feel the sunshine…”

At this point, the slave of the Tails Doll died. But before he did, he whispered an address. I will not tell you what it is. I will only tell you what I found in that basement. There was a transparent canister, filled with liquid and…another thing. What was once warm, soft skin has become cold, but equally soft plush. The ears have grown long, but the hair has fallen out. The hands are now spheres, and strange markings decorate the face. A single antennae, ending in a blue gem, extends from the forehead.

I draw my own conclusions.

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