It all started with a site...this site. But I do not blame the owners -- the tales warned me. I, however, do not stop when someone tells me too. I do it, at my own accord. I'm don't heeding any warnings.

Back when I was clueless, I didn't know of the Tails Doll, and didn't know of the curses people suffered. I didn't know, I just raced. I raced fast, and well, but never bothered to try to find ways to unlock characters and special stages. I just enjoyed the game.

Sounds silly, especially now.

Well, I was a very large fan of the blue blur himself, Sonic the Hedgehog, then. Great, great fan, though I didn't bother to collect the coins. As earlier, I just enjoy it as it comes.

Well, I found millions of things on the web. Specifically Sonic stuff, sites, and freebies. I joined forums (although, a little too many. ^^;;). I customized profiles and even had several personal attempts, at a Sonic site.

One time I came across a link to this specific part of this site. The Sonic R curse, curse of the Tails Doll, etc... That's what the description said.

I was surprised. Being naive, and sorta clueless at the time, I thought, "Hmm? Tails Doll, Sonic R, secret character, curse? Interesting ," and clicked. I was greeted with the older layout -- a giant picture of the Sonic (R) crew (with Sonic R styled pictures) for a banner. Red and white text, and a long -- but very, shall I say, interesting -- poem-ish introduction to the Tails Doll, and the curse of his haunts.

Stories - spooky ones - from different people, all the way down. I read them all, every time I finished one, an amazing chill ran down my spine. The chill was one full of both, excitement and fear. I adored the stories, believed in the curse, and loved the cute, furry look about the Tails Doll. I also feared it. Every shiver I will ever have again will be centered around the Tails Doll. Every jaw-drop, every tremble and sputter.

I finished the game finally. Every thought about every story whizzed through my mind like a bee buzzing from flower to flower. I had Gems. I played. But I did nothing. But like some people, would it still come? Come to me? Come to get me? Would I hear the dreaded 'schlumpy' and 'slurrpy' sounds? I was filled with wonder, and many questions.

What if it's real?

I continued searching, looking at stories. Youtube, forums, sites, everything. I found the same things, and many other things, too. Eye-ball eating, odd cures, escapes, bloody murder, etc.

By now, I was freaked out, but life moves on. I stayed away, until one day, I was at my Dad's, craving some Sonic R . The computer was on, as was the Google Search Engine. I went there. I worked for a while on the curse, then gave it up.

However, I obtained . . . Tails Doll. And I'll tell you what . . . Nothing happened.

A long while later, I completed the game, in every way. Still, nothing happened. Not so much as a blackout, but I felt something. Not breathing.

I felt a 'presence'. A cold, black presence by my side. I could see it, though only with my mind. It was there, I could see the image, the details, and the picture. It was hovering. No one else could see it though. It was a blank spot.

But it was there.

I would not be affected, and it could not (or maybe wouldn't want to) hurt me. I just stared, cold, limb, amazed. I've been able to sense it all the time, now. It edges me towards the curse, and I follow - not blindly, but rather out of curiosity.

Ever sense, I could also tell if someone was mean or nice. Where spirits were, and almost see them and what they did. It's so odd, so creepy. I hate it, and I love it all the same.

I don't now what gave me the power. If it was birth, the Tails Doll, or whatever could give one some odd powers.

Who knows? Maybe Super Sonic has blessed me . . .

Because, now, when I try the curse to get the Tails Doll out, to ask it questions, to find out meanings . . . He won't stop. He turns, swerves, and jumps away; I never catch him. But I'm faster, stronger, I have more stamina, and I'm braver.

You know how I know? You know how you know?

I keep trying for the curse.

Wish me luck . . .

This story is continued in Q&B111: Won by Chan

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