We thought it was just a big joke. A doll that eats souls and kills people? Yeah, right. That was before 'it' happened.

Me and Rachel, my friend, thought it would be funny if we scared our friends into thinking we wee servants of the doll, so we drew 'TD' on the back of our hands. I added a bit of art to it, and drew blood drops on the letters. It worked and our friends were really scared. We even set our ring tones to 'can you feel the sunshine' and pulled pranks on everyone.

That was a BIG mistake.

One night, I slept over at Rachel's house, and we were discussing what our new prank would be. I started playing Sonic R, and having completed the game, played as the Tails Doll. Then we started mucking about yelling 'O great and powerful doll, what should we do next?' Laughter turned into shock as the Tails Doll on the screen looked at us and spoke.

"Pathetic mortals! If you wish so badly to be my servants then so be it!"

The mark of 'TD' then flashed on our hands and in an instant, became embedded into our skin.

Everyday now we must find at least 6 souls for Master to feed on. Everyday we must hide our mark and pretend 'He' doesn't exist. It is hard but we will cope.

'He' has told me to tell you this, but I have written it in story form so that the horrific truth may stay a secret and prevent the pure-souled mortals from a gruesome and bloody death, which would normally be inevitable if you don't believe.

Believe. For it might just save you.

It could have saved me...

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